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As from 06 May 2014, if an employee wants to bring a claim to the Employment Tribunal they will be required initially to go through ACAS early conciliation. The employee is required to submit a claim form to ACAS.
LINK 2 ADVOCATES, encourage a pastoral care approach in order to support people in their pain, loss and anxiety, and their triumphs, joys and victories. Pastoral care involves emotional support that we believe is essential within working environments. In this sense when applied to Settlement Agreements, it involves listening, supporting, encouraging and Image of Hand Shakingbefriending.

LINK-2-ADVOCATES provides a ‘FREE,’ consultation period that may be used as a means for negotiating the terms and conditions of a settlement agreement on behalf of the employee before ACAS involvement.
The employee will be linked to a relevant ‘Independent Advisor,’ (as such term is defined in SECTION 203 of the Employment Rights Act 1996.), in order for the agreement to be finalised accordingly.


LINK-2-ADVOCATES seek to obtain an agreement between you and your employer that will not under-value your circumstances or the issues under review.

If the employee cannot provide confirmation that they have discussed their potential claim with ACAS, their application to the Employment will not be accepted. Therefore the 3 month limitation period for presenting an ET1 to an Employment Tribunal will be discussed with the employee so that such and application is not timed out.
The process for conciliation will be free of charge. Therefore guidance and support is of paramount importance with regard to negations that may lead to a settlement.

LINK-2-ADVOCATES will provide guidance and support and direct the employee with regard to the appropriate process of ACAS conciliation if the matter is not settled.

If ACAS are informed that you have a representative they will discuss the case with them from your instruction.
LINK-2-ADVOCATES will continue to support you during the process.


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