Our Services

LINK 2 ADVOCATES, provides a professional legal and business service, that enables the client to contact an Advocate who may if necessary link you to a Business Associate/ Legal Advocate in order to resolve the matter, provide advice, canstockphoto2823868guidance and representation if necessary. 

 This means LINK 2 ADVOCATES;

  • Will listen to your concerns;
  • Will provide information that is relevant to your needs;
  • Help the client to explore the options that are available;
  • Support the client in order to resolve legal issues;
  • Provide practical support;
  • Give you guidance and information on self advocacy, if you wish to deal with the matter yourself;
  • We provide a monthly newsletter providing employment law updates and business alerts;
  • We provide a helpline service and guarantee a response within 24 hours of your enquiry;

LINK 2 ADVOCATES, has a Code of Practice, Competencies and Guidelines that describes the roles of each appointed Advocate and what the client can expect from their services.

The cost of the service has been applied to the marketing of a continuing professional relationship, or the link to organisations and individuals based upon your recommendation.

LINK 2 ADVOCATES, offers a freelance Advocacy/ representation booking system for Employment Tribunals at very reasonable rates.

The accredited Bushiness Associate profile links with regulatory and procedural practice with in-depth consideration on how to improve the methods and practice of an organisation.

The link to Civil Litigation research and legal drafting, emphasises the appreciation of the English Legal System and also aides the proficiency to adapt to changes in procedures and regulatory practice.

The link between our services provided, enables professional communication and develops a network of people with advanced skills that will assist you.


For immediate response contact us:

mobile_phoneTelephone: +44 747 207 8979