Professional Indemnity Insurance

You can have anything in life that you want, if you just give enough people what they want.

 Zig Ziglar

LINK 2 ADVOCATES; provide a professional approach in order to support people in their pain, loss and anxiety, and their triumphs, joys and victories.

In this sense when applied to employment law and business issues, it involves listening, supporting, encouraging and befriending.

LINK 2 ADVOCATES provide a professional service and we are aware that a client could have claims brought against LINK 2 ADVOCATES based upon the quality of service and standard of advice.

Professional indemnity insurance is an essential contemplation that we embrace if the advice that is offered causes financial loss to the client.

Professional indemnity insurance also helps protect our business against those consequences, paying out in the event that a mistake is made that causes a client to suffer financial loss that may include the following;

  • Negligence with regard to the expectation of the client
  • Loss or damage of client documentation that is in our care

We know that the Client will want protection at all times and the right to question the level of service that is on offer if they believe that it is not satisfactory.  


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