Human Resources Services

With regard to Human Resources and the services that we provide, we believe that it is of upmost importance to listen, support, encourage and retain a professional relationship. 

LINK 2 ADVOCATES advised small to medium businesses with regard to developing Human Resources policies and procedures (or fine tune the existing ones) that will, “make them legal.”

LINK 2 ADVOCATES will provide Staff Handbooks and letters that will be updated accordingly.

LINK 2 ADVOCATES offers Gold 1, Gold 2 and Gold 3 levels for clients to accommodate the perfect Human Resources Package catering for the clients’ specific needs and budget.

The client will have the benefit of an employment advice line that is managed by the client and their credit that is available to use.

The client may increase their credit in accordance to what is available under the Gold band that they choose Gold 1, Gold 2 or Gold 3.


6- 12 Month Contract

  • Access to letters and fact sheets;
  • Staff Handbook Review;
  • E-mail and Telephone Support – [Pay As You Go – 3hrs credit];
  • Human Resources/Culture Analysis;
  • Advice on Performance Reviews;
  • Onsite Seminars [Equality Act 2010];
  • Audit;
  • Settlement Agreements;
  • CRB Background Checks;
  • Drug Testing;


3 Month Contract (Extended Upon Agreement)

  • Access to letters and fact sheets;
  • Staff Handbook Review;
  • E-mail and Telephone Support [Pay As You Go – 1hrs credit]
  • Human Resources/Culture Analysis;
  • Advice on Performance Reviews,


Flexible Account

  • Access to letters;
  • E-mail and Telephone Support [ Pay As You Go 1hrs credit]:

The Human Resources package is affordable and is based on a “pay as you go,” system. The business relationship is based upon mutual respect; therefore we have developed and advance a telephone credit system that may be used only when the client requires advice and guidance and may be topped up by the client if necessary.

LINK 2 ADVOCATES will periodically provide a FREE fact sheet on employment law procedures and compliance that is applicable to a specific area.

Additional Employment Law Services that are added on will prove cost effective; with the benefit of a Human Resources specialist linked with a Civil Litigator, providing guidance and support.


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