Employment Law


The Employer [RESPONDENT]Legal Scales

LINK 2 ADVOCATES, Employment Law Specialists, will carry the burden of your employment problem.

LINK 2 ADVOCATES, offer specialist expertises and guidance in employment law procedures that aid communication to the employment sector and will provide you with the most up-to-date information regarding the diverse areas of employment law.

Advice can be provided on-site, by telephone or email and can relate to HR (Human Resources), ER (Employment Relations) 

LINK 2 ADVOCATES, offers advice and support on AGREED AREAS OF NEED.

The AGREED AREAS OF NEED (as marked)

  • Drafting response to application [Employer];
  • Drafting precise issues of fact and law;
  • Witness statements;
  • Skeleton Arguments;
  • Employment Tribunal Attendance;
  • Employment Law Workshops;
  • Redundancy;
  • Unfair Dismissal;
  • Constructive Dismissal;
  • Wrongful Dismissal;
  • Transfer of Undertakings [T.U.P.E];
  • Sickness issues and SSP;
  • The Law on flexible hours;
  • The recruitment of people with disabilities;
  • Recruitment techniques and skills;
  • Working time and minimum wage;
  • Changes in Employment law;
  • Holiday and statutory leave;
  • Maternity issues and SMP;
  • Paternity entitlement;
  • Equality Act 2010-Age discrimination; Racial Discrimination; Sex Discrimination;
  • Religious beliefs; Pregnancy related discrimination;
  • Protected Disclosures [Whistle Blowing];
  • Drafting Company Handbooks;
  • Drafting Employment Contracts;
  • Contract for Services Agreements;
  • Settlement Agreements/ COT3;
  • Disciplinary procedures guidance and advice;
  • All aspects of Human Resources Management;

An assessment of all the facts that apply to your inquiry will be presented with factual advice, as to move forward. As part of the consultation, there is also the availability of guidance and support during the civil proceedings and advocacy in an Employment Tribunal on your behalf if necessary.

LINK 2 ADVOCATES, will provide assistance to your organization and prevent unnecessary costs due to procedural flaws.

LINK 2 ADVOCATES, are linked with professionals who are members of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development [C.I.P.D]

Therefore the client will have the availability of a Human Resources relationship that is linked to a civil litigator, who will be proficient in Employment Tribunal procedures.

Human Resources:

We are able to assist you with Human Resources policies and procedures including the following:

  • Job Structure and application;
  • Job Descriptions;
  • Employee Selection;
  • Induction;
  • HR Strategic Planning;
  • Professional approach to Appraisals;
  • Remuneration and Bonus Schemes;
  • The Working Environment Culture and Code of Ethics;
  • Health and Safety Procedures;
  • Human Resources Audits;
  • Investigations/Disciplinary Hearings;


The Employer/Respondent

LINK 2 ADVOCATES, provides a flexible approach to professional fees so that we may retain the trust and confidence of the client and continue an on going business relationship.

   Options available:

  • A set hourly fee; or
  • Provide written quotes on work. This allows smaller business owners to budget for work
  • A 3 month package covering your specified area of need
  • Flexible arrangement that allows the option for the employer to have a four stage agreement that may be cancelled at anytime by simply giving the Accredited Associate or Civil Litigator, an immediate termination notice in writing. This may prove very cost effective for small businesses that only require ad hoc advice.
  • A 12 month retainer package that covers all employment law and Human Resources matters with nothing else to pay, you will be covered for 1 Employment Tribunal Full Merits Hearing.


For an immediate response contact us:

mobile_phoneTelephone: +44 747 207 8979